Communication is tricky
Gone are the days of clear and thoughtful communiqué
In its place are text messages that leave us hanging...
Woefully asking ourselves:
So to make life a little easier,
we’ve deciphered some of today’s most baffling messages.
We call these 💥TEXTPLANATIONS💥

WMT is a digital brand strategy agency.

We partner with the brave ones - the brands willing to take calculated risks to build better relationships with their customers. We live and die by a process that maps the customer journey and we do it better than anyone else.

This website is only the beginning. A pre-launch you could say. Our boss, Paul, requested we have something up for the new year. "It should put our money where our mouth is. Show potential partners that we’re radically different".

Well, here you go Paul.

Official WMT launch is scheduled for 2018.
If you’re interested in working with us, contact Paul Lewis at paul@wemakethings.ca or you can text him at 416-569-8092.
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